Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

How can you tell you are suffering from Bipolar Disorder? It depends on the severity, and whether you are diagnosed with Bipolar 1 or Bipolar 2, but here are common symptoms of being afflicted:


  1. Feeling Unusually Happy - intense like you’re on drugs

  2. Less need for sleep, no off-switch to your brain

  3. Speaking faster than usual

  4. Can’t sit still and feeling restless

  5. Easily distracted

  6. Sense of overconfidence

  7. Engaging in risky behavior, hyper sexuality & gambling - It just feels right

  8. Increase in substance abuse, addictions to anything from drugs to food

  9. Inability to complete tasks - gets you in trouble at work

  10. Experience over aggression or irritability, abusive tendencies, no fuse or short fuse


  1. Uncontrollable sadness, consumed by negative thoughts

  2. Withdrawal from those around you, self-isolation

  3. Losing interest in activities you usually enjoy

  4. Feeling majorly fatigued or low energy

  5. Speaking slower or quieter than usual

  6. Physical pain is amplified, everything hurts more

  7. Lack of personal hygiene - hard to even bathe

  8. Feeling like you will be in despair and in stuck hell forever

  9. Inability to experience pleasure

  10. Suicidal ideations

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