Preparing for our Kickstarter Launch in September!

While America is unpredictable at the moment *much like bipolar-induced mania*, the BIPOLAR DOCUMENTARY film team is moving forward each day with vigor.

It is an honor to be involved with the battle against mental illness. While it may never be completely conquered in our country, our team is trying everything we can to help Americans see the raw, real nature of bipolar disorder in families.

Reports back from the original content of this story have been positive in that the audience receives great results from understanding more insights into big questions about undiagnosed mental illness.

We are currently building out the Kickstarter page and intend to launch in early September. We sure could use all the support we can to help spread the word about the funding campaign to bring the finished film to networks for distribution.

We will announce the Kickstarter when it launches, and thank you for spreading the word.

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