Get Ready, America.

Hi everyone, it's Randall.

For those of you who have followed this documentary's progress as it has unfolded, the journey to bring Michelle White's story to the masses has been a challenging journey in and of itself.

With the initial development of a pilot documentary, I intended to tell my version of what is a story for our time. America is in the middle of convulsions, with our social fabric tearing at the seams based on mental health, economic hardships, systemic injustice, and just about anything else that has Americans divided.

I believe the story of Michelle's bipolar disorder brings many of these issues to the forefront at a micro level, shining a light on the hardships caused by mental illness on a family. This is why I'm proud to announce the addition of a special team who will be helping bring this project to life in a professional cinematic form. Here is the film trailer:

I am proud to introduce our team, including two-time Oscar winning director Bill Gutentag. We are entering fundraising mode with a projected return for investors on a powerful story we believe has potential for wide distribution. Our team:

You can download the investor kit now as a preview, and please reach out to Jennifer Hutchins if you have interest in becoming part of this project as an investor who can help millions of people by supporting this powerful documentary. Thank you, and may we all get through these manic moments of America's history together.


Randall White

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